An education recruiters guide to writing job adverts for day-to-day supply

As an education recruiter, crafting captivating job adverts is crucial to attracting top-tier daily supply teachers. In the competitive UK market, your adverts must stand out from the crowd and resonate with the right candidates. Follow these tips to create job postings that will help you attract the best teaching talent.

How to ensure your job is seen by the right candidates

Incorporating plenty of relevant keywords is the key to ensuring your job advert gets in front of the ideal candidate pool. Aim to have keywords mentioned 3-5 times within the advert to optimise your views. Why is this important? The statistics speak for themselves:

  • Ads with relevant keywords attract 2.3 times more qualified applicants (LinkedIn)
  • Optimised postings lead to a 30% shorter time-to-fill positions (Glassdoor)
  • Keywords increase visibility, with up to 5 times more clicks on targeted postings (Jobvite)

To seamlessly incorporate keywords, consider using subheadings like:

  • Supply Teacher – Leeds
  • ‘As a Supply Teacher…’
  • Supply Teacher responsibilities
  • How to apply for the role of a Supply Teacher
  • ‘(Agency name) is looking to recruit a Supply Teacher…’

Here is how to write a job advert that stands out

Start by highlighting your agency’s strengths and benefits

Begin by showcasing what makes your agency exceptional. Leading with your agency’s stand-out points immediately elevates your job post and grabs the attention of potential candidates. Consider highlighting:

  • Your agency’s good reputation
  • Opportunities for guaranteed work
  • The geographical areas you cover
  • Competitive rates of pay
  • Payment methods (PAYE/Umbrella)
  • Potential to secure long-term and permanent opportunities
  • The variety of roles and schools you work with
  • Availability of Team Teach training

Set yourself apart from other agencies

Although working on supply, candidates still want to feel part of a community. Highlight how they can feel valued when working with your agency:

  • Talk about the exceptional service you provide as a consultant
  • Mention any organised events for candidates (e.g. end-of-term meetups, candidate networking evenings)
  • Describe how you celebrate your candidates’ hard work and commitment (e.g. high street vouchers)
  • Share information on social media platforms you use to bring candidates together
  • Highlight your agency’s reviews and the positive feedback you receive

Clarify the next steps

End your job advert by clearly laying out the application process:

  • Explain how to apply, who to contact, and what to expect for the next steps
  • Invite candidates to learn more about your agency by including links to your website and social media platforms
  • Make it clear and easy for candidates to take the next step and outline the onboarding process

By following these tips, your job adverts will stand out to qualified daily supply teachers, ensuring you attract the best candidates to your agency. Remember, a well-crafted job advert is the first step to building a talented and dedicated supply teacher workforce.