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Our referral scheme

We appreciate the value of word of mouth referrals and recommendations, as so much of our world revolves around networking. So, it’s only fair that we reward those referrals and recommendations that go on to become placements for Harrison Sands.

We’re offering the following:

£750 referral bonus for experienced 360 recruitment consultants. Must have a minimum of 12 months in 1 company and be located in London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham, Yorkshire or the North West.

The rules are relatively simple:

  1. Placements must complete at least 3 months’ work before becoming eligible for referral bonuses.
  2. Candidates must not already be known to Harrison Sands.
  3. Payment will be made to the first person who refers an individual.
  4. People who are referred must know they’re being referred by the person referring them.
  5. All referrals must be made prior to registration.
  6. We reserve the right to reject claims that don’t adhere to these rules.
  7. Only referrals submitted through this form will be accepted.

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