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We could have attached a very by the book advert but, we changed our minds, they’re boring, aren’t they?

We are a demanding bunch. We have our own way of working and most of the time it’s heads down until we come up for air and a chin-wag.

Shona is the voice of reason. Katie is the queen of catchphrases “I’m
on it like a tramp on a sandwich”. Sarah pulls rabbits out of the hat, Elle is the star of the show – duh and Paisley definitely doesn’t need that megaphone to be heard!

Are we selling it yet? 

Honestly, we couldn’t give a monkeys whether you have recruitment/resourcing
experience or whether you’re recently out of education. We just want hardworking, down to earth and credible people that have good craic.

Asking for too much? 

What to expect…
– The heater is on all year round
– All we speak about from 9:30am is what we are having for lunch & tea
– We are partial to a couple of swear words
– We spend our commission before it lands
– We are all control freaks 

In all seriousness, we can’t wait to add to our team. We all work incredibly hard, but we reap the rewards and we want this next person to too.

If you want to join our crazy team, get in touch!