Working from home is easier than ever for recruitment consultants

As technology to support recruitment consultants develops, the need to work in a traditional office environment continues to lessen. It’s often a contentious topic in the workplace and can frequently polarise opinions, but there’s no arguing that flexible work options are increasingly being offered to candidates and can help progressively minded employers differentiate themselves from the crowd. Indeed, one of the oft-quoted sentiments is “work is a state of mind, not a place you go to”.

So with technology being the great enabler, cloud-based systems mean you can now be constantly connected to both your candidates and clients. Recruitment platforms and applicant tracking systems can automate so much of what we do, but it also means we can run these from virtually anywhere in the world. And these days, it’s not just about making sure you’re accessible via a phone, as communication methods are changing too. Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime are increasingly used for interviews and client or candidate meetings, when face to face meetings aren’t practical due to schedules or logistics. They’re all part of the growing arsenal of tools for any home worker or recruiter. Technology aside, there are some general benefits and disadvantages to home working that candidates should consider too.

Home working benefits include:

  • having a better work life balance as you can structure your day around the school run, dog walk or even voluntary work you do in the community
  • being more productive
  • having fewer distractions
  • not having to travel in rush hour to get to work (avoiding this unproductive time)
  • save money (no commute to pay for)

However, it’s not for everyone, some challenges or disadvantages can include:

  • you have to motivate yourself
  • it can be a solitary experience
  • some people struggle to separate work life from home life when the environment is the same
  • missing out on office banter or ad-hoc collaboration can be a surprise loss for some people
  • being able to switch off

Whatever your motivation, if home working or a flexible work arrangement is something you’re interested in, then more and more employers are willing to consider something different from the norm. The team at Harrison Sands all work remotely themselves, so possess an innate understanding of what that means and can provide first-hand advice and insight into the life of a home worker. More and more recruitment roles that we’re asked to support have flexible or home working as an option for the right candidate, so do mention it to us when you speak to us.