Top reasons to move from a corporate recruitment company to an SME

Recruiters know the importance of finding the right role at the right company otherwise a new job can just be a huge waste of time for everyone involved.

Corporate recruitment companies might be the initial go-to for recruiters looking for a new role, however, they’re not necessarily the most beneficial for career development, personal development, or overall progression. Working at a larger organisation might mean good initial training and national accounts to leverage off, but it’s the longer-term aspects of an SME which will ultimately pay off.

Well, we’re here to tell you why it’s better to be a big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in a big pond! Take a look at our top reasons to work in an SME recruitment company below.

  1. Better commission schemes
    Commission structures are always one of those things that will be one of the main motivators for a lot of recruiters. SMEs can offer a better commission scheme as they aren’t tied down to a standard percentage structure like a lot of the larger corporate firms are.
  2. Better salaries
    SMEs aren’t bound by pay sales and appreciate a recruiter’s experience and potential when looking at their salaries and annual increases.
  3. Bespoke incentives
    Trips away, exciting events, meals out, socials or spin the wheel surprises… the list of bespoke incentives can very company to company but generally SMEs are more likely to provide fantastic incentives to nurture their teams whereas a larger company might only provide smaller perks.
  4. You’re not just a number, you’re classed as a person
    When working in a smaller team, you’re much more likely to be seen, valued, and heard. And with that comes better working relationships.
  5. You have more opportunity to share ideas and shape a business
    More quality time with your co-workers means more time to understand what makes the business tick and the insight into what you think could work better. Larger companies will only include certain people in that decision making, whereas in an SME you will have many opportunities to discuss different ways of working and actually be heard.
  6. Less bureaucracy decisions can be made quicker
    Work politics stressing you out? There can be lots of different systems and processes in place in a large organisation that can be frustrating to work around. Sometimes even the most straight forward of issues can take a while to resolve. If you’re looking to work somewhere that empowers people whilst they get stuff done quickly, then SMEs are keen to nurture their staff and are generally much more solution orientated.
  7. Entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged rather than being slow and clunky
    If you’ve got a good idea – let’s discuss it, try it, then review. SMEs are open to new ideas and new ways of working – they don’t shy away from them. Chances are, they have grown thanks to ambitious, forward-thinking people which appreciate and value new ways of thinking and want to embrace likeminded people.
  8. More often than not it’s quicker to get promoted
    When you have more time with your line manager and a clear progression plan, you’re more likely to have fast-track career development in an SME where they will be able to truly focus on your growth. Larger organisations often already fill all available roles from lower to senior level and so progression is often limited.
  9. More flexibility
    Flexible ways of working are now the preferred option and many organisations, large or small, will offer this. However, do you want to swap the day in the office for the one at home this week because your dog stepped on a bee? That next level of flexibility is often hard to come by in a larger organisation as everyone has to adhere to the same rules. One the other hand, a smaller organisation will be understanding of everyone’s individual circumstance which creates a more accommodating and understanding way of working.
  10. You have more autonomy
    If you don’t want to be micromanaged, great managers in SMEs will support you in being independent and letting you thrive!

If you’re looking to make a move – get in touch with our recruiters who are experts in finding the right recruitment role for you, in complete confidence.