Why you need to plan your career

Despite our careers being one of the most important, personally involved decisions any of us can make – quite often we don’t spend enough time thinking about and planning our career path, and doing the things we need to do to secure career progression.

Think about how the last project you were involved in was managed, or how you managed it. You probably had a written plan, with a set of objectives, a timescale to work to and milestones or KPIs so you’d know that you were progressing in accordance with that plan. Typically most people never think to address planning their career path with the same rigour.

This doesn’t mean we need a full Gantt chart and a project management qualification to decipher it… it’s more like simply setting aside an hour every couple of months to really think about your career, what you want from it, how your current position matches those aspirations, what career development you need to undertake and how you’ll get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Documenting this in a simple one page format is all it takes to help you think about career progression in the right way too. Quite often this simple task of formally recording your career aspirations can really help you define what you want from your career. And that’s half the battle really… having a clear vision for your career and knowing that what you’re doing either will or won’t help you take the right steps, or make the right decisions to move you forward along that career path.

And that’s where Harrison Sands can help. Our team of specialist consultants understand the recruitment market and have worked with hundreds of recruiters at all levels in their career, to secure new roles for them, develop their professional profiles and provide counsel about how to position themselves for the roles they want, rather than the roles they’re in.

If this sounds like something you’d appreciate finding out more about, then contact us today. We’re ready and waiting to talk to you about:

  • How to plan your career path
  • How to hand your notice in at your current employer
  • Current recruitment opportunities, including those from the hidden jobs market
  • What to avoid when talking about career progression
  • And so much more…

So, call us on 0161 247 8290 for a confidential discussion or use the contact form on our website to get in touch with us today.

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