Know your employee rights: resignation

Everything you need to know when you resign

Resigning from your job is a significant decision that involves understanding your rights and responsibilities. Whether you’re moving on to new opportunities or navigating a career change, it’s crucial to be informed about what to expect and how to handle the process professionally.

Understanding your notice period when you resign

When you decide to resign, your notice period, specified in your employment contract, dictates the time between submitting your resignation and your final working day. This period varies based on your position and contract terms, typically ranging from one week to several months.

Your rights when resigning

Here are essential rights to consider during the resignation process:

  1. Notice period: Adhere to the notice period stipulated in your contract to maintain professionalism and allow your employer time to prepare for your departure.

  2. Exit interviews: Some companies conduct exit interviews to gather feedback. Approach these interviews constructively as they can impact your reputation and future references.

  3. Final pay and benefits: Ensure you receive your final paycheck for work completed, payment for accrued vacation days, and details regarding post-employment benefits.

What not to do when you resign

To ensure a smooth transition and preserve your professional reputation, avoid the following:

  • Burning bridges: Leave on positive terms by respecting colleagues and management, which can benefit your future career prospects.

  • Neglecting handover: Complete pending tasks and facilitate a seamless transfer of responsibilities to your successor or team members.

  • Ignoring formalities: Follow proper resignation procedures outlined in your contract or employee handbook, including submitting your resignation in writing. 

If you do find yourself leaving your role on bad terms, check out our blog on how best to handle that situation.

Planning your next steps

Post-resignation, plan your next career move thoughtfully. Whether starting a new job, pursuing education, or taking time off, maintaining a positive approach and staying organised will facilitate a successful transition.

Final thoughts

Resigning from a job marks a significant career milestone. By understanding and exercising your rights responsibly, you can navigate this process confidently. Remember, how you handle your resignation can impact your professional trajectory, so approach it with clarity and respect.

For expert guidance on resigning from your job or career advice, consult HR professionals or career advisors. Making informed decisions ensures a smooth transition to your next career endeavor.

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