Fall in love with recruitment all over again

We’re happily well into the new calendar year now and the January blues are a distant past already, but as the winter weather still has a firm hold over the country, summer holidays can seem a long way off and many of us will be facing challenging targets for the year ahead. So at times like this, we think it’s important to remember why we all fell in love with recruitment in the first place.

For many recruiters, the chance to connect with people, have real conversations and help individuals with their careers is a particular pleasure of the job. Of course, the potential high earnings, attractive bonus structures, work hard/play hard culture can also attract some. For others, the work/life balance, flexible working and variety of career opportunities all around the world can appeal to others. Whatever it is, it’s a fact that the recruitment industry attracts people from many different walks of life. And they’re just a handful of reasons to love it.

But what else makes the sector so alluring? Earning commission or bonus – and plenty of it – has to be a big factor for many. With the right drive and determination it’s possible to build a solid reputation, develop a network of contacts in pretty much any location or sector, and create a high billing desk/team that generates consistent commission payments.

And working in recruitment means you’re in a genuine meritocracy where people are rewarded based on what they bring to the table, rather than solely based on the qualifications they have or time-served in a given position like some sectors seem to support. That focus on success means that anyone, with the right aptitude and working environment, can make a success of a career in recruitment.

They can have rapid starts without needing to learn volumes of technical data and systems that other careers can require. And with the right company behind them, they can really flourish. Having a supportive working environment is critically important. This isn’t just friendly colleagues and a nice office, but it’s about having the support, infrastructure and investment behind you so that you can truly focus on networking, recruiting and making placements.

Ultimately, you’ll get as much (or more) out of a career in recruitment as you put in. Invest your time and effort, develop your skills, be personable, create solid networks of both clients and candidates – and you’ll be well-rewarded. The sector continues to be busy, having shown little sign of easing off over the festive period and the team at Harrison Sands continue to take on new recruitment roles right across the UK. If you’re interested in finding out where your recruitment career can take you next, then talk to us today.

With all these reasons about why a career in recruitment is so great, isn’t it about time you fell in love with recruitment all over again?