5 reasons not to give up job searching at Christmas

In a competitive market, finding a job – let alone the right job – can be hard. And logically, you might think that finding a new role at Christmas will be even harder. But we’re here to tell you that there are some very good reasons why you should not give up job searching at Christmas.

1. Take advantage of budget deadlines
Whilst we know that companies often have different financial periods, there’s still a significant number that align with the calendar year. And this means that as we approach the end of December, many businesses are sat on unspent hiring budgets that they risk losing in the following year. So as a recruiter, if we can find good people still actively searching for their next role during the festive period – these will often get priority treatment from hiring managers. What’s not to like about that?!

2. Beat the competition
It’s practically a tradition to consume too much, overspend throughout the festive period and then make a load of resolutions come January that you may or may not stick to. In amongst those resolutions, there’s almost always something career related… whether it’s getting a new job, getting a pay rise or getting a promotion. And all that new found enthusiasm for addressing career situations means there’s almost always a flurry of activity in the New Year.

This means that if you wait till January to ramp up your job search again, you’ll be competing with a horde of other people doing exactly the same thing. So why not steal a march on them, and beat the competition? Carry on searching and applying for new roles right the way through the festive period. You’ll likely be at the top of any recruiters hit list as a result.

3. Improved opportunities
In many ways, the festive period represents a golden opportunity for temporary or seasonal workers that are drafted into businesses to cope with the extra demands the season brings. But for companies outside the logistics, retail or hospitality industries that aren’t typically as busy, it’s actual a great opportunity to fast-track the hiring and training process, as they may be less busy than at other times in the year. All this means that we see companies actively looking to take on new recruits and get them through inductions now, so that they’re ready to hit the ground running in the New Year.

4. Choose organised companies
It’s a common misconception that businesses will put their hiring on hold over the festive period. Just as we’re advising job seekers not to pause their search, so more and more companies are realising they can beat their competition and continue hiring right the way through the festive period. We work with a large number of such companies right across the UK, so can help ensure your CV and application is put before those hiring managers that are ready and waiting to take on new recruits.

5. Take advantage of seasonal goodwill
Christmas tends to put most people in better moods. Whether it’s the mince pies, the festive tipples or the thought of an extended break from work and lots of presents – there’s no denying that everyone’s a little happier at this time of year. So why not take advantage of this? Recruiters and hiring managers are human after all, so catching them in better moods (unless you’re interviewed the day after their Christmas party!) surely has to be to your advantage.

Collectively, what we’re trying to say is that with a strong CV, good experience and the right Rec2Rec agency (like Harrison Sands) representing you, then the festive period is arguably one of the best times to push on with your job search. We’re happy to help and discuss this further with you, so please don’t delay in getting in touch with us.