Summer holiday preparation guide for education recruiters

Education recruiters, maximise your productivity and prepare for the upcoming academic year

As an education recruiter in the UK, the six-week summer holiday can present unique challenges and opportunities. While the demand for temporary school staff decreases, this period provides valuable time for strategic planning, professional development, and optimising your candidate pool.

Make the most of the summer holiday with these practical tips and strategies to maintain productivity, stay connected with candidates and clients, and position yourself for success in the upcoming academic year.

Overbook registrations

There is always a higher rate of no-shows during the summer holidays. To ensure a steady flow of candidates, overbook registrations in advance to account for potential cancellations or no-shows. Sending interview reminders can help to combat this!

Pray for mild weather

Weather always plays a huge part on whether candidates will turn up for interviews. If the sun is shining other activities will take priority. Although we may want to sun to shine… Mild weather is usually the safest bet!

Identify active supply contacts

Not all clients will take the full summer off, particularly School Business Managers, Assistant Heads and Senior Leaders. Reach out to your clients early to identify those that will be in, when they will be in and arrange catch up calls with them across the summer.

Stay connected with candidates

Maintain regular communication with your candidates to keep track of their availability in preparation of the new term and stay connected with those who are starting long term placements and ensure they have everything they need.

Update candidate database

Use the summer period to review and update your candidate database, including CV’s, profiles, mail shots and availability.

Prepare your mailers

Plan and schedule your mailers to maintain visibility and engagement with clients and candidates throughout the summer. It’s also a good idea to refine your job descriptions. We’ve written a blog on how to do this.

Conduct competitor analysis

If you’re an education recruiter, be sure to utilise the extra time to research and analyse your competitors, identifying areas for improvement and potential opportunities to gain a competitive edge.

Invest in professional development

Utilise the quieter summer period to invest in your own professional development. Stay up to date with industry trends and best practices but also ensure that you are well-prepared to tackle the demands of the upcoming academic year with renewed confidence and expertise.

Maximise flexible hours

With many schools closed or operating on reduced schedules, take advantage of early starts or finishes to balance your workload and personal commitments.

Take a minimum of two weeks holiday

While quieter periods are expected, use this as an opportunity to enjoy some well-earned time off leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the new academic year.

Final thoughts

If you’re an education recruiter, you can really set yourself up for success in the new academic year by implementing these strategies. Don’t regret not making the most out of this time.

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